1. completely or almost completely depleted of mental and emotional energy directed towards being alert to injustice in society, especially racism

This happens from time to time
When I am working so damned hard
To be open-minded
All of that evolved, be-a-better-version-of-you stuff

It becomes hard to recognize which way is up
Everything I think and feel, under my own microscope
Each moment transformed into a lesson to be learned
Earnestly working to rewrite old tapes, stories that no longer make sense

I hit a wall
I cannot process any more
So I pause
It gets worse
Realize I’m being extra judgmental of others WHILE working on my own biases
Good grief

Come on, girl
Lighten the hell up
All of those adages about take care of yourself, rest…
They meant you, too, darlin

Put down the TED Talks and simply read for pleasure
Reminisce with an old friend
Relax the grip on your self-appointed task of making sure everyone else is ok
Do nothing for an hour…Like actually nothing…See how that feels

Turbulent times make you uncomfortable
You are going to reach for what feels familiar
Don’t beat yourself when you feel judge-y
It’s normal
Try to remember to slow down and respond vs react
When you mess up – which you will – simply apologize
You are doing your best



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