Wrong direction

by Amy Rodeffer Thompson

Headlong, I rushed into adulthood
Sprinting towards the prize I was certain would be at the end
All of the suffering and struggle
Was going to pay off
I would “arrive” and it would be grand

After quite some time it became clear
I couldn’t continue to sprint
This thing was a marathon, perhaps an ultramarathon
And I was not in shape for that
Rebuking myself, I doubled down
Endeavoring to build strength where I felt I was lacking
Exacerbating my exhaustion
Assuring myself this was merely pain before gain
Feeling like an utter failure
Persevering on this path nonetheless

Eventually, the signs got signier
You are not going to make it
I slowed a bit, slowed a bit more
Then, gradually, to a stop
A process I’d refined for years, abandoned
Possibly the bravest thing I’ll ever do

Admitting my house was built upon sand was excruciating
Realizing everything wrong was in plain sight and I’d ignored it was humiliating


I did build muscles along the way
None of this was for naught
Everything we do helps us learn, grow

Now that I am clear of purpose, I move with ease
As though I’ve traded my trainers for wings
I glide through challenges, decisions much more rapidly
With peaceful assurance of this next right step
Wide-eyed and full of awe at how amazing the world is

Having gone in the wrong direction
I can appreciate the joy in letting go of that pursuit now
Being content that I don’t know the right direction
I am simply invited to be present
To make thoughtful choices here and now

Wrong direction

by Frank Flemming

The Light

I run. My mind has always run the way it always has.
What is this new light?
What is it that I now see?
My mind running to the past! Focusing on it constantly?

I cannot fix the past!
Why does my mind keep running to it?
Running forward, I keep hitting walls looking back!!!

This new light, it… it’s made me aware of what I’m doing!
What I’ve always done!
I have a choice?!? YES! I see now… I have a choice!!
Do I keep doing the same things or do I do something different?


EVERYTHING in the past is a gift!!

It’s all just information for me to see!!
I will keep running, this time in control of my future, control of my thoughts, my reactions!
Light of awareness, what else will I see?!?

What else will I now manifest?
What intent will I put out to the universe?
Releasing my expectations, what else will unfold for me?
I will admit, light, you scared me at first

Light, now you excite me!

Wrong direction

by Jamie Husemann

I take two steps to the left, in the direction of the sun.
I then spin myself around to see where I came from.
I am now distracted by where I have been, not focused on the here I am headed.
Turn around again, my dear.

Life is hard enough with us only focused on where we are going.
We cannot continue to live in the history of our past.
It will consume us and keep us from fulfilling our lives.
Turn around again, my dear.

I now take two steps to the right, in the direction of the moon.
This time the moonlight lights the path in front of me.
I look up and see the richness of all of the stars and I know I am headed in the right direction.
Stay the course, my dear.

Wrong direction

by Michelle Burke

Have you ever been so still that you see the moon move?

That’s a beautiful lesson in presence.

What’s the opposite of that?

Busyness, moving this way and that. The wrong direction.

How do you see the path?

In the quiet. The 4th watch. When silence envelopes you.

Why can’t you always see it?

Action Jackson. You aren’t listening. The next thing you know – the wrong direction.

Where do you go to correct the course?

Nature. The Wilderness. Hearing the still, small voice saying, “Just be with me.”

When do you know you’ve been led astray?

Doubt. Worry. Not trusting the still, small voice. All leads to – the wrong direction.

To what extent do you need to be still?

Daily. Only then the path becomes clear and unfolds in front of you.

Without this practice, the path is unclear. Moving in — the wrong direction.

The choice is yours.

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