Why Do We Work So Hard?

We work so hard from sun up to sun down only to take a break to throw some food together and have dinner with our spouses – this came up in my morning workout with my lifting buddy. Our significant others feeling neglected because we hop back on the laptop to fire off emails or get ready for the next day so we aren’t ‘behind’. I’m guilty of this too. Just last night Jay asked me if I wanted to go to the movies on Friday and I checked my calendar. “Meetings until 6 pm,” I said. “Ok,” he said, “You’ll be too tired to go to the movies then.”

The Hamster Wheel

Ouch. That hurts. Even more now after this conversation this morning. What’s with this hamster wheel? We can’t seem to get off of it and we certainly are afraid to take a break and just sit. Just be. Here’s my question: WHY? Why are we doing it? Is it money? Is it passion? Is it fear? Why do we run from one thing to the next without mindfulness regarding what drives us? Don’t get me wrong. Being driven isn’t a bad thing. What’s bad is when we hit the wall and slide down it into a puddle of mush. Hahahahahah! Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

Your Money or Your Life

I’ve challenged a couple folks on this subject and one of the books I’ve read does a really good job of hammering this home. Vicki Robin wrote, “Your Money or Your Life” where she helps people transform their relationship with money. Yeah, yeah. I know you love your work, but would you still be doing it if money were no object? If the answer is yes, fantastic! If they answer is no and you find yourself on the hamster wheel, then you might want to pick up a copy of this book and read it. LOL!

Do You Have Enough?

I’m a big fan of visuals and this one is money (ok, bad pun). Hahahaha! Seriously, Professional Wealth has done a great job of showing what we need to figure out. Check out how there is a point where we need to make enough to survive. That makes sense. Then, we surpass that point and we aim to be comfortable. We then strive for fulfilment, but we don’t pay attention to when we have ‘enough’. We may keep grasping for more money because we are confusing the two.


Why Are You Doing It?

I’ve been working with a couple folks lately in the fulfilment space. Meaning, what gets them jazzed and what will fill them up. Hell, I’m doing the same with building this business. Following my passion to help others through coaching, teaching, training and speaking – that fills me up! The point is…each of us needs to continue to ask ourselves why. Why are we doing what we are doing? What will it give us? Are we surviving? Are we striving for comfort? Are we truly fulfilled? Or, are we on the hamster wheel because we think we need more money, more stuff, more, more, more, WHAT?!

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